Pride + Weekend Errands

gay pride

The pride parade was on that weekend but I had to go to the city center for some errands..

A couple of weekends ago was gay pride in Dublin. A lot of people consider this a big achievement in Ireland, especially after the State legalized same-sex marriage. It could’ve been because of the country’s Catholic roots. Or, the fact there are still a lot of countries out there where individuals belonging to the LGBTQ community are still fighting for their rights. So for Ireland to officially recognize this right and grant to them – is such a huge milestone for the group!

Well, I did not participate in the event but passed by a couple of rainbow-colored flags around the city center. There were a good number of parade attendees I bumped to but Grafton St was too busy – I didn’t want to cause traffic by taking photos of them. But as you may know, parades for pride day is always colorful and flamboyant, to say the least!

gay pride
Keep slayin’!

That weekend, I had a few errands to do – including a haircut. I think the parade was to start somewhere around St. Stephen’s Green. I was tempted to have a look at what’s going on but I did not want to miss my appointment. So, I just went to Brown Thomas for a quick bathroom break – and this awkward mirror selfie. LOL!

all saints
Excuse me for trying! xD

After I went to Brown Thomas and bought my husband’s “stuff” – I was fighting with myself whether to check the sale in the makeup section (end of season sale is still going on). I saw a SALE sign beside Bobbi Brown and wanted to check it out. I knew I didn’t need any new makeup items that day, though. “Luckily” for me, there were a few other people in front of me taking their sweet time checking the lippies. Took that as a sign I already had too many lipsticks (which is true, LOL) so I went out.

adidas nmd
Waiting for my turn..

I arrived early for my appointment so I waited for a few minutes.
Got my hair washed immediately when my stylist noticed me waiting for her. We had a small chat before she worked on my hair. And, I learned the fab news she is pregnant with her second child! Woot! To be honest, I really didn’t notice the bumpĀ  – she often wears baggy clothes whenever I see her anyway. She told me she is five months along, so that leaves me with a couple more haircuts before she goes on maternity leave.

What’s inside the paperbag..what could it be?

After my haircut, I went to Starbucks for some snacks. I was contemplating whether to get a toastie as well when I texted my husband where he is. He told me my son fell asleep in his pram while they were crossing the bridge and he can meet me around CHQ if I want to. So, I grabbed my frappe and decided to get something to eat in CHQ instead.

adidas ultraboost

Of course, he was excited to see me or should I say, the “stuff” I bought for him.

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