A pre-Christmas stroll around Dublin

Christmas in Dublin

One weekday, before Christmas in Dublin

2016 is about to end. And just like the past years, around this time of the month, I file for my unused annual leave dates before it gets forfeited when the New Year comes. Surprisingly, I still have A LOT of annual leave dates left. I bought a lot of “extra days” for this year because, from experience in 2015, I can’t have too many leave dates since there are A LOT of external factors that will require me to use them (ie nanny not coming to work) apart from me actually taking a break. But then, we didn’t really do much traveling this year. So, that was a reason why I only use the leave days now.

It was a good way to use it especially the past weeks, though. Things were pretty hectic at work and to have a bit of breather is a good thing. Not to mention it allowed me to do a few errands to ease the burden on the holiday weekends, too! Christmas is like that anyway. We get a good two weeks off from work but the days prior to it are very stressful!
Anyway, it was a gloomy but surprisingly warm day in Dublin. I first went to the GPO to drop a letter and went on my way to buy a few Christmas-related items for our household’s preparations.

Christmas in Dublin
Uh, can’t get a nice angle

I really wanted to take a nice photo of the Christmas decorations in Abbey St – it was the first time in the last 4 years I lived here that I see a different set of Christmas decor! Hurray! But the street was so busy and the Christmas outdoor markets were already up – so it was difficult to take my time and get a nice shot. Even if it was a weekday (I went out on a Wednesday), the city center was filled with shoppers probably trying to tick off their holiday gift list.

My own red cup

Since, I can’t get around to get a nice angle for my photos, I went for a cup of hot drink instead. I don’t collect the stickers for the planner (do they have it here in Ireland?) but I dropped by the Starbucks branch to get my own red cup that day. I tried a seasonal blend called White Christmas Hot Chocolate. And as always, I had cream on top! Yay, calories!
The hot chocolate was surprisingly subtle, which I really loved! It is like a cross between Chai tea latte and Milk Hot chocolate. And, I am not sure whether I just loved this blend too much but it seemed I finished my cup quicker than I used to?

Christmas in Dublin
A window display at Arnotts

I walked my way down Abbey Street and stopped by Arnotts. The elaborate window Christmas displays are definitely one of the things I look forward to during the holidays in Dublin. And for this year, they didn’t disappoint!

Christmas in Dublin
Cool stuff, eh?

And I am not sure if it is a new addition this year, but it seems the displays are now interactive, too! Cool!

Christmas in Dublin
Still gloomy and busy..ugh

I didn’t capture as many “good” photos as I hoped. My hands are filled with gift wrapping materials and Christmas cookies, too. Maybe I’ll try post-Christmas – they will still have the decor up a few weeks, no?

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