Christmas 2016: Powerscourt Hotel and Estate Day 1


Our Christmas getaway at the Powerscourt Hotel and strolling at the Estate..

We didn’t travel internationally for this year’s Christmas. Instead, we had a staycation at one of the best hotels in Ireland – Powerscourt Hotel. The hotel is situated within very close proximity to one of Ireland’s leading tourist attractions – Powerscourt Estate.
I have been to the Estate on my first year in Ireland but this is the first time for me to stay in the hotel. So, I was really looking forward to Christmas since the hotel is operated by no less than Marriott! 🙂

Commuting to the Estate is possible but to get to the doorstep –  there is a really, really long walk (we learned the hard way during our first visit). And since we were traveling with a toddler and have our bags, we booked a cab. It took us almost an hour from Dublin to get there. Luckily, the trip was very easy and the roads weren’t too busy. We arrived a little bit early for check-in (check-in time is at 4 PM). So after leaving our bags at the reception, we walked towards the Estate for lunch.
The weather was surprisingly good on Christmas Eve. Despite the forecasted typhoon and arctic breeze, the skies were clear! We quickly finished our lunch and walked around the Estate. And because we wanted to give the little man a chance to use his energy – we let him run around the HUGE land area available to him!
We paid for two adults’ tickets (my son’s entrance was still free) and were told that we can stay until closing. Initially, we brought the pram with us but the steps to navigate around the garden proved to be difficult. It didn’t help that it was quite windy that day so even if we left it in one spot, the pram will only fall over. So after we saw our pram tumbled over, we decided to leave it at the reception to walk around.

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My son definitely enjoyed walking, jumping, and running around the estate! The place was practically empty so it is like we had it to ourselves. It was still cold and freezing especially when the wind blows but we stayed for about two hours and only left when it’s time for my son’s nap, which was a bit difficult since he was having so much fun picking up pine cones from the ground!


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It didn’t take long and my son fell asleep – must’ve been too tired from all that running! We walked back towards the hotel and waited for our room. While we were waiting, I thought I’d appreciate the festive decorations of the hotel with a cup of tea, of course!

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