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pho viet

A nice and warm bowl of pho at Pho Viet to warm our freezing hands..

It’s been a while since I had a nice, warm bowl of Pho. I guess the temperature didn’t plummet until close to the end of winter. Or, my soup cravings have been mostly satisfied by the nearby Japanese restaurant in IFSC. But one day after catching on some winter sales in the city center, I craved for some nice bowl of pho. That’s when we decided to go to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Viet in an instant!

Pho Viet is definitely one of our favorite Asian restaurants in Dublin city center. I can’t vouch for its authenticity but the food is really tasty and HUGE! We always struggle with our orders because we always find it hard not to order a lot, LOL!

pho viet
Welcome to Pho Viet!

One of the things I love about Pho Viet is they open at 12 PM, which is our preferred lunch time while my son is still very much awake and in a “better” mood. On top of that, the place is still relaxed so we immediately got our seats and my son’s high chair.
We were really hungry so we ordered some appetizers to start. While walking towards the restaurant, we knew we will order Ban Xheo (Vietnamese pancake) and Vietnamese spring rolls. We got the Ban Xheo alright but didn’t get the Vietnamese spring rolls (we made the wrong order). I already forgot what we had but it was yummy, too.

pho viet
Crispy edges just the way I like it!

The Ban Xheo was perfectly cooked – crispy edges and generous filling inside. Too bad the lettuce leaves to wrap it were dripping wet, so it spoiled my dining experience (a bit). I had to pat dry the leaves a bit more so I can use it with the pancake.

pho viet
Tasted really nice, too

The second dish (I forgot what it’s called) tasted really well, especially if slightly dipped in the sauce. It is very similar to Chinese steamed dumplings, so this is probably the Vietnamese version of it. The baby octopus-looking thing beside the dumplings tasted like the Asian version of SPAM called Mah Ling, though!
We didn’t finish our appetizers and requested for a takeaway bag instead. Even if we want to, our big bowls of pho arrived already so we had to make room for it!

pho viet
Yummy and comforting..nom nom nom!

I had a spicy beef pho. It’s been a while since I ordered something super spicy because my son used to share with my meals. But now he has his own plate of food, I can order what I really want!
The broth was really flavorsome. There was a generous portion of thinly sliced beef pieces inside the bowl, too. The only downside was that it wasn’t as spicy as I hoped it would. There were thinly sliced chilies so I added a few pieces in my bowl to get the kick I want!
Our stomach was full after the heavy and carbo-loaded meal. I didn’t finish the broth but tried my best to eat most of the noodles and meat. I had no intention of ordering dessert since I wasn’t too happy with their selection. But, I decided to have some hot Vietnamese coffee to end my meal!

pho viet
Vietnamese coffee to end the meal right!

It was the perfect way to end the meal. The coffee was strong and slightly sweet. My husband and I were teasing how we wish we can ask for additional condensed milk, HAHA.
We were happy that our pho craving ended well at Pho Viet. There were slight boo-boos from our visit but these are not a deal breaker – we will definitely come back again!

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