Paddy’s Day in Ikea!


On Paddy’s Day, we went to IKEA to buy some household stuff..

Let me start this post by saying that it is not what I initially had in mind. You know, this entire blog entry. But then, I guess I wanted to share something a little bit different (apart from food reviews and travel) in this blog – being a parent.
On Paddy’s Day, my husband and I planned to go to Ikea to buy a couple of household items. I made a list to make sure that I bought everything and to prevent myself from buying tons of things I don’t really need. Well, I ended up buying a couple of things I may not need. But still proud to say that I didn’t overdo it this time, yay!

Before the trip, I planned to take photos of the showroom. I also had the outline of my blog post in my head. Basically, I planned to take photos of the showrooms, document our trip there, and also, do a “mini” food review. Everything was planned out, right?
Nope. That Ikea trip reminded me how being a parent can be so unpredictable. It didn’t go as planned – that’s why this post is definitely NOT what I had in mind!
We arrived a bit after the store’s opening hours – just a little past 10. It was not that busy (yet) so it was just perfect if I want to capture some photos to put on my blog. To get me going, I took this shot:

After that photo, my son suddenly threw a tantrum – he wanted to get OUT of his pram. Despite bribing with snacks or video – he just cried because he was sooooooo bored sitting in his pram. It didn’t help that he also spent 40 minutes SITTING in his car seat on our way there, too.
It started to get busy – it was a bank holiday after all. And we just got to the conclusion we need to finish our shopping list real quick to give the little man a chance to roam around and run. After all, it would be difficult to manage running after a toddler inside a busy Ikea while discussing furniture. I ditched the plan I had in my head to capture the showrooms and whatnots and just went on with my list. I thought, “OK, I will just take some photos of the food, then.”
It was probably the fastest Ikea shopping I had in my life. You know, no double (or triple) checking items I don’t need. I just went on the list, walked along the aisles and ticked down each item as I place it in our cart. My son calmed down by now but I just wanted to finish before another meltdown began!
I paid for the items and my husband took the it to the car. While waiting for my husband, I took him out of his misery (aka his pram) and he was just so happy!
Well, that didn’t last long – it’s mealtime. So, he’s back sitting (again) with his Dad while I bought food for us to eat. Needless to say, the little man is so upset that it was so tiring to do ANYTHING for my blog (or to put any effort) – I ended up only taking a photo of this:

I had other food items that day.

We hurried with our meals to give our son some time for himself. Good thing that the Ikea store in Dublin has the kid’s section adjacent to the food hall. We let him interact with other kids already there and took some photos of him clowning around instead!

ikea ikea

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