Mini review: A funny Sunday with friends at Musashi (IFSC)

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Sunday lunch with friends at Musashi IFSC branch turned out an epic day for everybody!

Last Sunday, we met our Italian friend for lunch. It’s been a while since we saw her, it was April this year – if I am not mistaken. She used to be on a long-term work assignment here in Dublin but ended December last year. So I definitely missed having her around! And now, after a couple of months working on a UK project, she’s back! So we will definitely see more of her in the coming months.
We went to one of our go-to places around IFSC called Musashi. As the name suggests, it is a Japanese restaurant offering various options such as ramen, soba, and sushi platters. We have been here a number of times before but I haven’t been able to write a detailed restaurant review (sorry guys!). In fact, I didn’t plan to write one today (proof is the lack of photos from our lunch). But a funny and high-five worthy experience from the staff made me want to write this “mini review“.

We didn’t make any reservations since the restaurant’s nearly “empty” during weekends – so it is fairly easy to grab a seat. Apart from myself, my husband, and our son – we ate with an Italian and Filipino friend (also on a long-term assignment here for work). As expected, there were only a handful of diners eating when we arrived. We got our seats immediately and given the menus. An attentive and accommodating staff quickly attended to us, too.
Similar to anybody eating out with friends, we chatted – a lot. And one of the topics we talked about was the upcoming birthday of our Filipino friend’s girlfriend. We teased him since his girlfriend was not with him and we were a bit nosy to ask what his plans were like gifts, surprise etc.
We didn’t have any issues with our food. Everything arrived quickly and was yummy, too. After our mains, we thought that it was a bit early to say goodbye. So, we decided to order some desserts to end our meal on a sweet note. For that, I ordered a matcha chocolate mousse. My husband and our Italian friend ordered a double espresso. And our Filipino friend ordered a brownie. Now, this was the moment it got funny…
We were waiting for our dessert to arrive when suddenly, a loud birthday song playing in the background surprised us. Our instinct led us to look around but noticed we were the only diners left! We were so puzzled but it got more interesting as we saw a staff approaching us with my Filipino friend’s dessert. It didn’t take long before noticing it had a candle on top of it with an added bonus of a Bloody Brain shooter, LOL! We told the staff nobody was celebrating a birthday but he kept the birthday song playing. He also went on giving our friend his “birthday” dessert regardless.
As the rest of the group received the orders, we learned one of the staff overheard us chatting about our friend’s girlfriend’s birthday. He probably just heard the word birthday and went on auto-mode to approach the kitchen about it, LOL!

musashi ifsc birthday
A screenshot of the funny moment. Screengrab from a video uploaded in Facebook.
musashi ifsc matcha chocolate mousse
My matcha chocolate mousse @Musashi, IFSC

I definitely enjoyed my matcha chocolate mousse cake for dessert but the experience added up to the “sweet note” to end our meal. And yep, that staff definitely got a tip from us, too!

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4 thoughts on “Mini review: A funny Sunday with friends at Musashi (IFSC)

  1. That’s really funny! I think the restaurant is really nice as they gave customer that surprise, thought the waiter overheard your conversation wrongly. 😀

    The matcha chocolate mousse looks good!

    1. HAHA, yeah, he actually said that he just heard the word “birthday” and he thought that it was our friend’s birthday, LOL! It was funny but proves the staff there are really attentive what their customers need. 🙂

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