A Long Birthday Celebration!

milano birthday

My longest birthday celebration in Dublin by far!

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago. And to be honest, I was actually hoping for a different type of celebration. God did not give it to me (yet) but I would like to put my faith that He is just perfecting the timing for us all!

Anyway, this is my first birthday after leaving my job and becoming a stay-at-home Mom. There’s nothing dramatic or fancy about it but it is quite interesting how different my life was a year ago to what I have right now.

Similar to how we celebrate special occasions at home, we picked a date (weekend) and a restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We don’t really care about celebrating on the actual day itself. Rather, just picking on a date convenient for us all. It was an intimate lunch with only myself, my husband and the little one on a weekend. We didn’t make a huge fuss over it as my husband was “sort of” tied with work that weekend, too. But in any case, I was happy since we will enjoy some fresh lobsters at Saba. PLUS, I received my Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria matte lipstick from the mail and used for that weekend, too. Yay!

charlotte tilbury very victoria

The weird thing about my birthday celebration this year was the fact it sort of felt like an extended celebration. You see, we often choose a date to dine out for an occasion – and that’s it! For me, it is not about whether you celebrate it on the actual day itself but rather, just being remembered by your loved ones is the most important thing of all. But for whatever reason, we ended up celebrating it three times this year – not that I am complaining, though!

The day after, my husband unexpectedly finished earlier with work. It was great since that means he can join us for Mass without issues, too. And as if it was planned out, I found a Milano voucher sitting in our table for a 2 for 1 mains – how cool is that?! So, we decided to go to Milano for some “snacks” after mass. My husband still tags it as my birthday celebration but to me, it’s just a normal meal together. After all, he is not paying for this any longer! LOL!

milano birthday

The weekend ended with us having a meal out for “my birthday” on both days. To be honest, I still find it weird sometimes waking up on a weekday morning and not finding my work laptop sitting in our dining table waiting for me to get started with my day. Nor to expect a minder ringing in the morning to come by and mind my son. But, I definitely do not complain about the time I have in my hands right now to spend with my son. Well, sometimes, it is kind of hard to manage the days/hours. But overall, I am loving my new life! 🙂

My birthday landed on a Tuesday and because it is a weekday – that was a main reason why we celebrated on a weekend. I am cool with that anyway and my husband still made the day special by bringing some cakes for me – he is thoughtful like that. So while my husband was out to work, I decided to go out with my little man on a “date”.

We often go out for walks on mornings when it is sunny and while the weather is still not that bad. But on my birthday, I decided to do something that I haven’t done so in a long time – go to Mass on a weekday. Since relocating here in Dublin 5 years ago, I have always been guilt-ridden of all the Holy Days of obligation I was unable to go to Mass for. Work was a primary reason for it. As a remote worker, I don’t want to “step out” too often and I am usually very busy with meetings during the day, too. But another reason why I missed a lot of important Mass days was the lack of weekday Mass times schedules near our area. But now, I want to “go back” to doing these things for my faith and I hope to keep at it, too.

lawrence o toole

I really felt nice after that. And, I thought my day wouldn’t go any better. Until my husband told me he can go home earlier than expected, yay! And since he will not come from his usual work site (which is a 40-minute drive to our place) and just close to where we live, we decided to have dinner. Both of us were badly craving for some Korean hot pot and so, we ended up to one of our favorite restaurants close to where we live: Drunken Fish!

drunken fish birthday

This year is a year of change for me. A lot of things happened but I can easily say that this year’s birthday celebration is one of the best I’ve ever had. I am really happy where I am right now in my life. And, I can only be excited of the things to come! To more birthdays! 🙂


My longest birthday celebration!
This year is one of my longest birthday celebrations! Read about what I've been to for my birthday celebration this year!
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