Little one’s trip to Panda Play Cafe

panda play cafe

My son turned three last month and we took him to Panda Play Cafe so he can have fun..

My son turned three years old last month. Sometimes, it feels surreal to realize how time flies. Of course, hard parenting times are there – especially without having any form of support system from relatives because we live abroad. But just to see my son grow before my eyes make me emotional sometimes.

birthday cake
Of course, he had cake at home!

One of the reasons why there are times I feel bad for my son are milestones such as birthdays. Throughout my childhood, I celebrated this day with cousins and neighbors. They were also the same persons whom I consider as my close friends while growing up. But for him, it is hard to organize such events without spending a lot of money. Doing it DIY (to save a bit) is not an option either as we don’t have space to cater for guests at home.

We know that kids need to develop social skills. And our son is showing readiness of interacting with kids his age, too. So we decided that if we can’t throw him a party on his birthday, we could at least bring him somewhere he can play and mingle with other kids! So despite feeling under the weather (and car breaking down) on his big day, we brought him to a play area near our place called Panda Play Cafe.
It is close to where we live but to get there is quite a tricky commute. There is no direct or straightforward bus passing by this route near our place so the only option we have is to go there by cab (or walk). We earlier planned to drive our way there but the car broke down – grr!

panda play cafe
First to arrive! Yay! And no, the banner was not his!

Anyway, we managed to arrive right before its opening time – so my son had a few minutes using the toys for himself. There were other kids who arrived at the same time as us. But since there were a lot of toys around – everybody got their own stuff to get busy with!
I like bringing my son here if not for the tricky commute. There are lots of toys available and the fee is very cheap. They also have a mini snack bar to order food from, too!

panda play cafe
I think my son enjoyed his time at Panda Play Cafe. There were a few moments when he sort of interacted with kids and found it cute, too!

panda play cafe
My son will definitely take a different route growing up in comparison to how ours (myself and my husband) were back in the day. Being his parents, the only thing we can do is to try our best to provide opportunities for him to socialize and interact with kids. Not just on ordinary days, but most importantly on special days like his birthday.

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