Last few weeks in Dublin: A trip to Han Sung grocery!

Cheesy rice

Han Sung Korean grocery in Dublin city is a “go to” spot!

On our last few weeks in Dublin, we went to one of our favorite Asian groceries in Dublin city center – Han Sung grocery. We decided to stock our pantry with a couple of instant noodles to get by. And when I said a “couple of”, I meant this:

Korean noodles

I know, this stash doesn’t look like from somebody who’s getting to the low carb bandwagon. But hey, I can eat this during carb refeed days!

I like Han Sung groceries for a lot of things. Apart from the Asian goodies available from the grocery, we love buying the freshly made kimchi, too! It was a habit we developed after our trip to Seoul this year. And, it’s not that bad as kimchi is well-known for its superb health benefits, too! 

Moving on, another superb thing about Han Sung is the mini “eatery” behind the grocery section. They open at 12PM, which is just perfect for lunch!

I tried to look for something low carb and found braised pork belly on the menu. But, I thought “Oh, it’s the weekend! And, I had a workout so might as well eat something gooey and tasty and well, had lots of carbs!

Cheesy rice

The sizzling cheesy and spicy rice was superb! It was the perfect food for any low carb eaters on a cheat day. LOL! I was happy to eat this entire thing and go back to strict keto even for the entire month! The spicy paste was just alright. Just there to tickle the tastebuds. And, the generous portion of melted cheese added creaminess to every mouthful. There were chicken pieces but even if my bowl only had cheese and spicy rice – I wouldn’t mind!

Han sung grocery

My husband ordered the black spaghetti called jajangmyeon. I tried the instant noodle version of it ages ago and found it just alright. Although my husband said it was really yummy and tasted a lot better than the instant – I didn’t bother trying it since I was too busy with my own plate. 

I will miss Han Sung for sure. And, I am hoping it’s still around when we come back even for a visit.

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