Review: Father’s Day Take Two + J2 Grill & Sushi

j2 grill & sushi

Had a meal at J2 Grill & Sushi all because it was Father’s Day..

This is another late restaurant review post that is sitting on my laptop for ages! And, it was all about our second take for Father’s Day celebration for this year.

We initially agreed to do an advance Father’s Day celebration at Chez Max and do nothing else on the actual day. But because it was nice, sunny afternoon on the day itself – it felt like it was a waste not to go out.

Part of our usual Sunday routine is to attend mass in the morning. The mass usually finishes around 12:30-ish. It was just in time for some late lunch or early snack, whichever meal timing suits you best!
We didn’t have any idea which restaurant to go – there were quite a few options around IFSC area. But we thought we’d go to J2 Grill & Sushi this time around. It’s been ages since we’ve been here as we often go to either Rocket’s Diner or Il Fornaio to grab a bite.
The restaurant was relaxed when we enter – not much diners inside. I guess most people are either in the city center strolling around or having a meal with outdoor dining facilities.

j2 grill & sushi
We weren’t looking for anything fancy. I didn’t have much choice either because I was kind of short on budget already for eating out the day before. Would’ve loved the to order the lobster but I guess I will have to wait for the next time we visit to do so!
As they always say, when in a Japanese restaurant and not sure what to order/trying to save some cash – get a bento! And that’s what I did! I had a fried chicken bento and a serving of miso soup.

j2 grill & sushi
The portion was HUGE! There were a lot of fried chicken pieces and all chicken pieces were meaty. They weren’t plumped with batter to look big, which I like. The kani and cucumber sushi were refreshing to the palate. I think it was the perfect combination when my mouth starts feeling greasy from all the fried chicken. Also loved the gyoza but found the wrapper a bit – weird. I think it looked like puffed pastry and that’s not how I remember traditional Japanese gyoza. The filling was tasty, though.
Overall, I really enjoyed our quick and unplanned meal at J2 Grill & Sushi. I hope to come back sometime soon and order my lobster this time!

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