Interesting cafes to try in Galway!

Cafe in Galway

I am not saying these are the top cafes in Galway..

My stay over that long weekend is too darn short to be the judge of that. But our personal experience definitely made me wish I could’ve stayed for longer to try out more places to visit (and include here!).


Galway City Center

On our first day in Galway, we stumbled on this small French creperie called Java’s while walking around the city center. My husband missed having an authentic French creperie around Dublin. So even if we were also curious to try the next-door spicy chicken wings eatery – the creperie won the where-to-have-dinner contest.

Cafes in Galway

I ordered the raclette (even if I bought the cheese to take home from the food market) and a glass of cider. The galette was paper thin and had a generous portion of filling inside. The only complaint I had was the soggy portions of the galette. As you can see, there was a lot of cream oozing out of my galette. I would’ve preferred mine to be mostly crispy – so less cream would’ve been the best. But overall, I love the flavor and definitely felt so full after!

Coffeewerk + Press

Galway Coffeewerk + Press
Such a cute door!

On our second day in Galway (and after leaving the apartment without taking a bath properly due to our Airbnb boo-boo), we walked around the city center to grab our caffeine fix. The cafe was really tiny and would’ve been easy to miss if not for its bright yellow doorstep. We initially intended to dine inside Coffeewerk + Press but when I asked if they are child-friendly, the staff politely mentioned they have a small “seating area” upstairs but no high-chair. I took a quick look how small it was and it actually reminded me of a smaller Kinokuniya – so there’s no chance we (and the other patrons) can relax with an unstrapped active toddler around.

Cafes in Galway
My cute cup and broken manicure

We badly needed the caffeine so ordered a cuppa for takeaway. And was so happy to see my artsy cup! The takeaway cup looked so pretty and the coffee tasted great! It wasn’t bitter, overly sour, or burnt. There was a good balance between the coffee and milk, too. It actually reminded me of a cafe I often visit here in Dublin called Brother Hubbard. So that definitely made my morning a lot better!

Cupan Tae

Cafes in Galway
Even the menu looked girly..

This was unplanned but we kept on passing by this dainty and girly cafe called Cupan Tae located closely to the Spanish Parade – we just have to get in and try! And since the weather in Galway was super crazy that weekend, we thought we’d find shelter from the pouring rain and winds. It also seemed like a good idea to have a cup of tea and rest while my son slept inside his pram.

Cafes in Galway
Yummy cakes on display

The cafe had really nice and cute interiors. But the downside was the super small space. It was hard to even get in without bumping into other people’s tables (or decors) – so we really have to be careful.

Cafes in Galway
My berry tea and coffee cake..yum!

After we got our seats, we received the menu shortly. There were a lot of teas to choose from but I eventually decided to order the berry blend. I also ordered a cup of coffee cake to remove the “seafood” taste after eating a lot from the Seafood Festival.
The cake was super moist and not sickeningly sweet. There was a generous portion of nuts, which added a nice touch of texture to the super soft cake. The coffee flavor is just alright so I definitely enjoyed eating. It was the perfect light dessert for me, especially after eating a huge lunch that day!

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    1. It is a really nice city for sure. I loved the relaxed vibe and just strolling around is already enough for a great afternoon. Oh, give the cafes a go next time 🙂

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