Father’s Day celebration + End of Season Sale!

st stephen's green park

This year, we had the End of Season Sale at the same time as Father’s Day!

We recently celebrated Father’s Day. And because the weather was so gloriously good on that day, we decided to spend the entire day outdoors!

father's day
Starting the day with this massive hug from the little man..

We started our day by grabbing a cup of coffee in one of our go-to cafe shops in Drury St. called Industry. It is a nice little coffee place where they sell industrial-inspired furniture and whatnots. We often go to this place because they have a few benches in front of the store where you can sit down to enjoy the warm weather or watch people passing by!

drury st
My view from our outdoor bench

It feels so nice to feel this warmth. It is definitely the time to take out the summer dresses from storage. And in my case, to finally be able to use these ballerinas I had in boxes since last year!

balenciaga flats

After a cuppa, we took a stroll around Grafton St. Of course, we had to pass by our favorite area around Powerscourt to get a view of the ongoing End of Season Sale!

father's day
We didn’t buy – from that street, LOL! And, I wouldn’t go through our shopping practices here in my blog anyway. We went to St. Stephen’s Green Park. We thought it’s a nice way for my son to enjoy some much-needed Vitamin D (direct from the source!) while having fun, too!
Parenting definitely changed the way we have “fun” these days. We often plan around my son’s schedule for naps and meals but that’s what works for our family, anyway. It also brings us joy when we see our son having fun. I guess you really think less of yourself and more of your child once you become parents. And celebrating Father’s Day only puts emphasis on that whole experience!

We spent about an hour in the play area. It was getting hotter since it’s close to noon. So apart from having dangerous UV rays at this hour, we also need to get going to make the reservation.
My husband chose to have lunch at Chez Max. He was craving for some Moules Frites so even if I told him he can choose another restaurant we haven’t tried yet, he still made the reservation here. Well, it was his day. So he’s the boss for the day!

father's day
The restaurant was lovely as always. It wasn’t as busy as expected. Well, there were a few folks waiting to be seated but only because they prefer to sit outside.
After the yummy meal, we went back to Grafton St – this time, checking the sales.

end of season sale
I guess my son’s mischievous smile summed up what went through on that shopping spree! LOL!

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