Spending Bank Holiday in Dun Laoghaire

dun laoghaire

The August Bank Holiday just passed by! That day, we spent the entire day in Dun Laoghaire..

With all the upcoming changes to our family, the August Bank Holiday weekend could be our last bank holiday here in Dublin. And because of that, we wanted to make the most of it – by going to places we’ve never been to before. One of those is Dun Laoghaire!

Dun Laoghaire is one of the places I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while. And it has become a lot more convenient to plan our trip since we have a car!

dun laoghaire
The forecast was so-so for the day. Our weather app forecast shows varying results so we just crossed our fingers and hoped for luck!
We arrived close to 10 AM on a Saturday. I was impressed by the scenic Bay views around the area. I even told my husband that I don’t mind living here – but he told me that the prices of properties are quite steep since it is a prime location. Eek!

dun laoghaire
The area reminded me a lot of Galway. Or, like a combination of Howth and Malahide, but bigger! I really liked walking around the area even if it was a bit chilly. Or, could’ve been because the weather was really nice when we arrived?

After enjoying the view, we went to People’s Park. Too bad we went on a Saturday so there was no outdoor market. To be fair, we considered going on Sunday but the weather forecast was “a lot better” on Saturday.

The park was not too busy almost empty – except for the play area. Not too far from where we were was a group of elderly playing a game. I am not sure what the name of the game was, though. But I enjoyed watching them from the nearby bench! Ah, how I wish I brought a book with me.
It didn’t take long and it was time for lunch. There was a nearby Fallon and Byrne just a few steps from the play area. So, it was an easy decision to head off there for a bite!

people's park fallon and byrne
I loved the ambiance around the restaurant – it was such a scenic location. We chose the outdoor seats because it WAS sunny when we arrived. But a few moments later, we had to seek shelter because it started to rain. Aah, Ireland. Why is the weather like that?!

Anyway, we finished our lunch soon enough. We wanted to take a leisure stroll around the area but as you can see from the photos – dark, grey clouds are just there.
When we arrived in Dun Laoghaire, we spotted a Maritime Museum – so we hurried to get there before the first drop of rain falls down. But, it came sooner than expected! We stopped by a nearby shop to wait for the downpour to subside. On the other hand, my son had a lot of time jumping in puddles, though!
The rain calmed down a bit after about 10 minutes – so we took that chance to head off. It was still drizzling but light enough for us to cross the streets and get inside the museum.
The museum was small but well-kept. There is a small entrance fee in the entrance but I think it is just to keep the museum up-and-running. I particularly liked looking at the exhibits and took some photos. Seeing the displays, I wished I was able to bring my Dad when they visited (he was a Naval officer) a couple of years ago. I bet he would’ve appreciated the displays – especially the Captain’s uniform, ship models, and the still-moving steam engine!

I really enjoyed my time inside the Museum and the gentleman chatting with us. There was an upper floor but we were unable to go there anymore. My husband was feeling tired from all the walking and want to grab a cuppa instead.

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