Today, the sun smiles in Dublin..

Glorious day outside!

Meanwhile, somewhere in Dublin..

It is a beautiful day today. After yesterday’s awful weather, I really thought that summer is officially over. Add up the fact that there are yellow-colored leaves already rotting along the side streets in this month. It doesn’t feel right, to be honest. To see these early (super early) signs of autumn when other countries are still basking in the sun and celebrating the peak of summer.

Sunny Dublin
Glorious day outside! From my balcony somewhere in Dublin.

Times like these, I can’t help but celebrate when I see the skies so blue. Seeing the horizon as it is right now is similar to my experiences of frolicking in the beach side as I get myself a tan. Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I last dipped my toes in the sand. Or applied a copious amount of sunscreen to prevent my skin from burning. If memory serves me right, it’s been four years since I had a beach holiday. Not that I didn’t go anywhere! It’s just that there are lots of places to visit and so little time (and money!) to be able to go to every nook and corner of this planet.
Certainly, summer is in its final moments, the last hurrah before the wet autumn begins – if you will. So this is me wishfully hoping to have been able to pack my bags and go. Go somewhere I can enjoy the sun instead
of simply looking at it from my balcony window.
Traveling is easy. But making it a lifestyle isn’t. Some people (like me) who can’t (or too scared?) to live a carefree lifestyle to pack their bags and go will have moments like this. Moments, where one can only hope and wish that traveling, can be done a lot frequently. In any case, I will just content myself with my view from the balcony. And who knows, I might get that beach vacation sooner than expected.

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