Missing the Dublin Quays

dublin quays

Spencer Dock close to the Dublin Quays has been my home since 2012..

A lot happened this year. I left my job and became a SAHM, something I’ve wanted to become for quite a while. My days are still busy and sometimes stressful. But now, instead of negotiating with colleagues/clients over how work has to be done, now it becomes: nap time or not; cleaning up or not; going home or not – and a lot more things that are typically answerable with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But often times ending with a NO.

no nap toddler
Me losing the naptime ‘deal’. Photo via Facebook

On top of me leaving work, we decided to relocate once more. A decision that came as a surprise! I was happy about the decision and the place we will relocate to, though. I was excited and can hardly wait to pack our stuff and leave. But I guess, despite my love-hate relationship with the Irish weather, I can’t help but feel a bit emotional knowing we will soon bid adieu to Spencer Dock – the apartment block we lived in Dublin.

I really like our apartment here. The place is spacious and just a few steps away from the Luas stop. Not to mention we can walk to go to the city center and be there in about 20 minutes!

I guess one of the things I’ve grown to really like and appreciate is the close proximity of our apartment to the Dublin Quays.

dublin quays

As I write this post, it is autumn/winter over here so days are really cold. Even so, when the sun is shining brightly and if I have an extra-bored toddler at home – I grab our winter jackets to walk along the Dublin Quays!

dublin quays

It can be challenging to walk along the quays on weekdays, though. There are a lot of office spaces close to our apartment so, the quays can get pretty busy with people rushing to get to work on time. But the good thing about it is we only need to wait for the “morning rush” to calm down. And it doesn’t take that long to get to the quays! To be honest, it takes LONGER to prepare myself and my son before we can step out the door…

dublin quays

In a lot of ways, the quays not only kept my bored son busy – it calmed and entertained me in a number of ways, too! The long stretch of the Dublin Quays is a great a place to run in my bid to keep healthy and active. And, nobody can deny that it is relaxing looking at the river while thinking about nothing! I guess, much more so if you have a lot of things running in your mind or just wanted to unwind after a long day at work..

dublin quays

I am almost certain we will go back to Dublin and it makes me wonder how much the quays will change when we get back? Will it be the same? Will it have more people walking around it? I have no idea. But one thing is for sure, I am missing the quays. I am missing that space…

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