Dublin: An up-and-coming food capital?

Crispy Duck steamed bun from Bread and Bones

Exciting days for the Dublin food scene!

Before relocating to Dublin, I was a spoiled food enthusiast. Melbourne is considered to be Australia’s food capital and I can clearly see the reason why. The selection of quality restaurants and variety of cuisine seems endless – and I can just walk around the city center mindlessly and accidentally spot a trendy place to dine in. Regardless what I am craving for, be it Asian, Italian, French, or Fusion-inspired dishes – Melbourne has something to offer. Trendy cafes with cute desserts (cupcakes!!) are also to-die-for so it is impossible not to crave to eat out!
Dublin, on the other hand, was not like that when I arrived here. I can’t complain about the European restaurants around town but there are times it is hard to find a good place to eat Asian dishes or to look for something sweet that is not a pastry or a tart. There are a few Asian restaurants around the city center but sometimes, it is nice to eat in a different place instead of going to the same place over and over.

Crispy Duck steamed bun from Bread and Bones
Crispy Duck steamed bun from Bread and Bones. Photo via Facebook

The past couple of months, it seems that Dublin is having a food makeover (if you will). I see a number of newly opened restaurants and minimalist-inspired cafes around the city center offering Asian-inspired dishes that are not only limited to curries and noodles. BBQ  is also on the rise – evident from the new “hip” restaurants selling grilled meat, pulled pork, and ribs. Apart from that, a sweet tooth revolution is also up-and-coming as a number of food stalls selling cupcakes and cafes with quirky donut flavors are also now available when a few years ago, it is almost impossible to find a place selling donuts – apart from the donut sprinkles available from groceries, of course.
It is exciting to see a potential birth of a new food capital in Dublin. Especially for somebody like me who enjoys sampling dishes from around the world! So, are you ready for the new Dublin food scene? I know I am!

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