Panting around the convention center

across the convention center

After three long years, I found myself (again) running around the convention center

I can’t believe it is 2017 already! And with the arrival of this year, there are a couple of personal improvements I wish to do for myself. I don’t want to tag it as New Year’s resolution per se – I tend to break those. But I’ll just try my best to keep doing it!

Before my son arrived, I ran outdoors – except when it is raining. In fact, I usually exercise almost every day and dedicate at least an hour of my day to work out. I don’t have a gym membership. I alternate running or doing a P90x video as my workout regimen to keep fit (or to compensate for all the carbs and sweets I eat, LOL!).
After I gave birth, I stopped EVERYTHING. I know it is not healthy but I just feel sooo tired, I’d rather sleep or relax indoors. It also didn’t help that I struggled (and still struggling) to find the right balance when it comes to work and family time.
But this year, I want these to change. My son will turn three anyway so he will need me less for feedings (still breastfeeding) – so it is easier to get that one hour I need to workout. For the past weeks, I noticed, I have a never-ending lower back and shoulder pain that must’ve been from prolonged periods of sitting and stress. And to combat that, I thought it is about time to work out again!

across the convention center
Crossing the Samuel Beckett bridge

I don’t like running outdoors in freezing temperatures. Lucky for me, last weekend’s temperature was just alright. It was cold initially but after running for a few minutes, the cold wind was enough to keep me fresh. I felt my lungs ache on the 15-minute mark (something I always experience if it’s been a while since my last run) but all I need is to get past that breaking point and keep going.

samuel beckett bridge
Yep, it was gloomy that day

It was a great run and I was surprised I lasted for 30 minutes (I thought I’d go home after 10 minutes, LOL!). The weather was not that good. But it was so nice to see Samuel Beckett Bridge and the Convention Center early in the morning.

spencer dock
After the run..still gloomy!

I hope this will not be my last run for the year, especially after buying a new pair of running shoes! So, here’s hoping to a healthier year ahead!

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