Christmas Package at the Powerscourt Hotel experience!

MountainViewSuite Powerscourt Hotel

After the sumptuous Christmas Eve meal at the Sika restaurant in Powerscourt Hotel..

After our fantastic Christmas Eve meal at the Sika restaurant (that I haven’t written a review yet, whoops!), we were so excited about our Mountainview Suite and looked forward to our evening of rest. We didn’t book for any babysitting arrangements and decided to stay inside our hotel room to relax after a short tour of the hotel.

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We were sleeping soundly when our phone rang at around 3 or 4 in the morning. My husband hurried to pick up the phone to avoid waking up our little one (but he did anyway). Apparently, the room beneath us was leaking. And the reception asked whether we had any opened faucets. My husband confirmed we didn’t have any. Although we could hear rumblings similar to the showers continuously flowing somewhere inside the bath area. Luckily, my son slept easily despite the disturbance. So, we were still well-rested and appreciated the morning view from our balcony the next day.

MountainViewSuite Powerscourt Hotel
We woke up to this view!

Before we went for our breakfast, the reception rang again to ask whether they can have a look at our bathroom. We confirmed after I was done getting ready and were told that the heating pipe was broken. Luckily for us, all they need to do is to fix the leaking pipe and that’s it. But the housekeeping manager told us that the “damage” for the room below is far worse. They were so apologetic and confirmed they will finish quickly so we can get on to our Christmas. We didn’t stay longer since we don’t want to eat breakfast late – I needed my coffee!!

MountainViewSuite Powerscourt Hotel
Can I have breakfast with this view every single day?!

It was another surprisingly sunny day in Dublin on Christmas. Our breakfast was at the Sika Restaurant and we were lucky to be given a nice spot to appreciate the mountains. Definitely, a great way to start the morning, eh?

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After breakfast, we went out to the play area so my son could run around. There were other kids playing as well so he had a bit of chit-chat with the other kids already there. Despite the sunny day, it was freezing. So despite my son’s protest, we went back inside after about an hour. The only compromise we gave him was that he is allowed to swim by the pool area instead.

Swarovski Pool Powerscourt Hotel
Good thing the pool area was still empty and we still have a couple of hours to kill before our Christmas Lunch booking. So, just imagine how happy the little man is to have all these water for himself to splash around!
My son would’ve wanted to stay longer but we didn’t want to be late for our lunch reservation. We wanted to have a nice, quiet meal before he gets sleepy for his nap!
The Christmas Lunch was at the Banquet Hall of the hotel. The decoration was truly festive and eye-catching! Upon arrival, appetizer samplers and desserts greeted us as if to say “pick me, pick me!” Argh, so many tasty food, so little tummy space!

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While we had our lunch, there was a live band playing on stage. The staff was super accommodating and friendly as I had to request for my son’s pasta. After the little man was finished with his meal, we showed him the ice cream machine. And oh boy, he was totally happy about it! In my case, I gave in to these mini desserts! I would’ve wanted to get more but my stomach can’t handle it anymore! Sad.
The Christmas Package at the Powerscourt Hotel was definitely great value for money, especially if you want to spend Christmas the relaxing and stress-free way. I wouldn’t mind to do it again in the future and might even consider staying for longer so my son can participate in their planned kid’s activities.

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