Father’s Day Lunch at Chez Max

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My husband chose Chez Max at Palace St to celebrate Father’s Day last June..

It’s been a while since we dined at Chez Max at Palace St. And for a long time, I really, really thought it was Baggot St. LOL! Well, that only proves one thing – my sense of direction is terrible!!!!

Last Father’s Day celebration, my husband chose Chez Max as the venue to have our lunch. As a family, it’s been a tradition to let the “celebrant” (whether for birthdays or occasions like Father/Mother’s Day) choose the venue for the celebration lunch.

father's day
My husband was craving for some mussels so it only made sense to go here. Plus, the weather was really nice so we didn’t mind sitting outside to get a view. But as you know, when it is warm here – everybody wants a taste of the sunshine. So the outside dining area of Chez Max was full!

chez max
Stuck inside, LOL!

We arrived for an early lunch but I was super hungry already. I am used to eating my lunch earlier than usual not to mention I always have a morning snack when at home. So, I already had a plan to have something heavier than usual.

chez max menu
To start, I ordered Nicoise salad. I was expecting a slightly bigger serving since I requested to serve the salad as a starter. But lo and behold. I was given this!!

chez max
HAHA! It was a lot but I finished more than half of it. I forced my husband to share some of it with me so I don’t have too many leftovers. If I wasn’t as hungry that day, this portion of salad is enough for my mains, to be honest. Apart from the huge portion, the salad was refreshing. I love the dressing and the anchovies included in the salad weren’t too sour – just the right amount of vinegar for that zing!
After my very generous portion of salad, I had steak frites for my mains. You are probably thinking how I can eat another huge portion after my humongous salad, right? Well, a girl’s gotta eat!

chez max
I ordered my steak medium and I got it right – French standard. One thing I learned about ordering steaks in a French restaurant is to expect it cooked a little bit less than what I asked for. So, even if I asked for medium, I’d say I had it medium-rare. I didn’t mind it like that since I often order medium-rare on other restaurants when having steaks.
My steak was juicy and tasty. The side salad had the same zesty dressing as the Nicoise salad I had earlier. So, I didn’t bother eating it anymore.
I ate my steak but can’t finish my frites – it was just too much food! I was definitely happy and my tummy contented after eating that much French goodness!

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