Dining out? “Some” cheap food in Dublin suggestions..

han sung cheap food in dublin

We stayed the entire day outside and had to eat twice! But can’t spend so much money..so..where do we go?

I am feeling a bit lazy today and will have two food/restaurant reviews in a single blog. I mean, these are simple foods, you know. Nothing fancy. Nothing gourmet or intricate. Very straightforward. Just yummy, cheap-ish, tasty food! So, if you are trying to search for some ideas where to find cheap food in Dublin, then you’ve come at the right place!

So, spring is finally here. Days are getting longer and warmer. More people going outside. And especially for somebody like me staying indoors even on weekdays (I work from home), going on a very good, sunny day on a weekend is an absolute must! In all fairness to Dublin, it is very nice to look at when the skies are clear and blue! Just look at some of my Dublin sunny blog posts and be the judge!
On one of the really warm spring days, we met with a friend over lunch. And, I (still) don’t get it but when it’s warm – my husband always (ALWAYS) crave for a nice barbie. Not the doll. But the chargrilled meaty goodness barbie!
It’s not that the restaurants don’t sell grilled meat during winter, no. But I think it’s the combination of cold beer, tasty grilled meat, and warm days that makes the combination similar to a quick (beach) getaway, perhaps?
Anyway, there are a couple of BBQ joints around Dublin city center. And there are quite a few “easier” options for us, too. But when the weather is nice(r) – we always prefer to go to this BBQ place called Bison Bar.
As usual, I had the combo platter (for about €16). Combo plates allow you to have two meat and sides. Drinks aren’t included, though. But I had a nice pint of cold cider!

bison bar cheap food in dublin
My combo platter

I ordered the rib and brisket option. And for the sides, I had some potato salad and burnt beans. I know – so sinful. But sinfully good! I really love the balance of the smoky flavour coming from the charred meat as well as the sweet BBQ sauce. And I think the slightly tangy flavour coming from the potato salad counters the overwhelming flavor of the BBQ, too. To be honest, I don’t often order the combo platter (too big) but this is the first time we dined here since the beginning of spring so I kinda missed it.
We didn’t stay at Bison Bar for too long and went on for a walk after to digest our very heavy meal. My friend went for some errands. My husband and I just strolled around the city. Of course, I hit a few shops to buy a few things for the house. And, after spending the afternoon walking and buying things – it made me hungry!!!
We have an upcoming trip and trying (our best) to save some money to maximize our shopping for our travel. But if you are hungry, you gotta eat! Good thing, we thought of going to this Korean grocery/restaurant called Han Sung. We often visit this place if we are craving for good quality (and cheap) instant noodles. And for some cheap grub!

han sung cheap food in dublin
My yummy ramen!

I ordered some spicy (you can see how red it is!) seafood ramen for about €7 (I think). Really tasty and HUGE! There are lots of Korean and Asian patrons eating here so I assume that the food is authentic (if not the closest thing to authentic). Just make sure to come by early or else it is hard to find a seat.
Dining out for the entire day can be expensive! Good thing, there are more options for cheap food in Dublin city center these days.

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