Review: Brunch in Le Petit Parisien

brunch in dublin

A nice Parisian-style cafe at Wicklow St. for a good brunch in Dublin

There are quite a few places I love going to for brunch in Dublin. I discovered about brunch while living in Melbourne in 2009 and loved it! Since relocating here, I have been on the lookout for good brunch places in Dublin – and this small cafe is definitely one of them!

One of the few places I love going to for brunch in Dublin is a nice, small Parisian-style cafe called Le Petit Parisien. Apart from the really cozy interior, the place reminded me of Paris cafes I’d love to back to if I can in a heartbeat!

le petit parisien
Just within Dublin city center, I think they have two branches but we often go to the one in Wicklow St. It is close to Brown Thomas and St. Teresa’s Church – so it was the ideal location for us.
It’s been a long time since we’ve been here. After my son was born, we haven’t visited the place because of space issues – it was too cramped to get in! There’s almost no space even if the pram is foldable. And, it is kind of hard to manage a small child in a place with very limited space. They do have a few chairs and tables outside you can use when the weather is all nice – but everybody would like to get those, too! Now that my son is bigger and more manageable sans the pram, we have gotten back to places we loved to dine in – even those with space issues! Yay!
When we arrived on a Sunday, we were lucky the place wasn’t too cramped – yet. But it only took a few minutes and people have started taking up their seats so we were lucky we got a nice corner to sit.
I often get the Croque Monsieur whenever we eat at Le Petit Parisien. I love their version of it and it is very filling, too! But I thought I’d order something different to go with my latte. So, I had a French toast in a buttery brioche!

brunch in dublin
Yum, yum, yum! I love the fluffy soft brioche soaked in eggs and pan-fried til slightly golden. It was drenched with maple syrup alright but the sweetness balanced with the crispy bacon pieces that came with it. Really great way to start my day!
Had a great meal overall. And lovely ladies in the cafe, too!

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