Black Friday Weekend in Dublin

Coffee Angel

Some personal time-off during the Black Friday weekend in Dublin..

Last weekend was one of the days when I get to have a little bit more time for myself. I booked an appointment to go to a hair salon (Toni and Guy) at Clarendon Street to get a haircut and highlights done. I still did the groceries in the morning but made sure to go through the aisles I need to be and don’t spend a lot more time checking out the specials.
After the groceries, I went home quickly to grab some lunch and placed the groceries where it should be. And because my son wasn’t home (went to a play area with my husband), I finished everything quickly, too. I even had spare time to watch TV and prepare the vegetables to cook later in the evening!

The weekend was not overly cold but gloomy. Well, I guess it’s better that way. I’d prefer a gloomy weather any day in comparison to rain. And since it wasn’t raining, I had the chance to appreciate this tree filled with yellow autumn leaves planted within our apartment complex. Since I work-from-home and very rarely go out, it is very seldom I get to really appreciate “life’s simple pleasures” like these.

Black Friday weekend
Very nice autumn colors!

Dublin City center is already filled with Christmas decors. I wanted to take some photos but it was too busy with people (it was the Black Friday weekend, after all) – I ditched the idea. I thought I won’t be able to take the right photo I want or I’ll get angry glances from shoppers who want to get through with their Christmas shopping!
Since I became a Mom, this weekend was the longest time I spent in a salon. Well, I still went for haircuts or highlights but I usually take two weekends instead of one. In my mind, I am always in a hurry to go back home. It is not that my husband asks me, though. But I guess, I always felt that my son will look for me (he’s a breastfed baby).
It is cliche. It is cheesy. But time really flies. My son is still as clingy as ever and there are times it is overwhelming (especially if it coincides with work), but I can feel that my son needs me less. A part of me feels a certain sense of relief knowing that it is only a matter of time before things will get back to “normal” for me. But another part of me also feels a tad bit sad knowing my baby is growing up.
Anyway, after the 3-hour salon pampering session, I met with my husband in Grafton Street. All the Christmas lights were lit and sky so dark, I really thought my appointment finished at 6 PM (nope, it was just 4 PM!!). I was itching to go home because I was back to “mommy mode“. I began to think of all the chores waiting for me and the food waiting to get cooked but after I realized it was still early, we decided to grab a cup at Coffee Angel.

Coffee Angel
Inside the cafe, ordering my food.

Coffee Angel is another “famous” coffee place in Dublin. I think they are one of the bigger “coffee chains”/distributors because they “took over”/merged with another small coffee place (that I love, by the way!) called Cup.
Nothing much changed since the merge. The layout was the same and I think even the food were also the same! The last time I’ve been here, I still liked the coffee – creamy milk and strong, bold coffee flavors! Last weekend, I skipped the coffee and went for a chai latte, though. And since I realized I was hungry, I grabbed some ham and cheese toastie.
The place wasn’t busy. I wasn’t even done checking the bag of coffee on display at the other end of the cafe when I heard my order of chai tea latte!

Coffee Angel
My cup of chai and number for the toastie

The girl behind the counter gave me a number for my toastie. We sat outside because my son was taking his nap. And after a few more minutes, the girl behind the counter is beside me with my toastie – yum!

Coffee Angel
My ham and cheese toastie is here!

Well, there’s nothing extraordinary about the toastie. But the service was really quick and the girl behind the counter nice, too!
It was a long day. And there are still chores waiting for me upon my return. But it’s good that I get some “time-off” from my real world sometimes.

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