Bank Holiday Ireland: Howth weekend!

bank holiday howth

We went to Howth during one of Ireland’s Bank Holiday long weekends..

Bank Holiday weekends are here again in Ireland. I think we are down to a couple more before the “holiday draught”. It is actually good to have these short breaks from work, especially if the weather is fantastic, too!

Last month’s bank holiday weekend, we didn’t have anything planned. My husband and I were both super busy with work but the weather didn’t look promising (based on the forecast). We badly needed some time off, to change our sceneries and unwind. So we just hoped we could do “something” during the bank holiday instead of sulking inside the apartment because of rain!
And, I think God heard our prayer! Well, it wasn’t the best weather – gusty and chilly winds were still there throughout the day. But, there was a big window of opportunity to enjoy a day out during the entire morning! Yay! So off we went to Howth to eat some seafood and stroll around! Nom!

bank holiday
Off we go to Howth!

We drove to Howth immediately after breakfast. It was a quick trip, roughly about 30 minutes. The road to Howth was beautiful, if not for the gray clouds. We passed by a lot of cyclists on the road – more likely enjoying the warm-ish weather, too!
The parking area around Howth was almost full when we arrived. Good thing, there were a few more spaces at the back so my husband didn’t have issues parking easily. And, the parking is also free so that’s another plus, too!

howth bank holiday
It was a Sunday so we decided to go to Mass. On our way to Church, my son badly wanted to play. He wanted to go to the grass, chase the birds, or join the other kids playing in the playground. It’s good, he is still easily distracted. And well, we promised he will play after lunch – so we were crossing our fingers it won’t rain by then!

howth bank holiday
From the parking area, it was a 20-minute walk/hike to go to Church. The experience reminded me of our trip to Seoul but not as “challenging” as that!

howth parish
The Church was small but looked nice. It was the first time for us to go to Howth Parish Church of the Assumption. When we arrived, there were already parishioners inside. And the Mass about to start. We decided to stay at the back – in case my son demands to go out or becomes too noisy.

howth parish
My son cooperated (with the help of compromise, negotiations, snacks) so we finished the Mass. By this time, we were already hungry! I want to have some food!

bank holiday howth
We took the same road to go back but walked faster. We had a reservation at the Oar House at 1 PM – and we didn’t want to miss that for sure!
After the sumptuous seafood lunch, we spent a few more hours in Howth. We just walked around and made the most of the sun. Plus, we have a promise to keep to our son. So, off we went back to the playground!

bank holiday howth
My son saw Mr. Seal on our way to the playground! Photo via Facebook

We spent a few more minutes so he can play with the other kids. The play area was filled with kids running around so it was hard to “share” sometimes. Lol!

bank holiday howth
Yay – off we go to the playground!

If not for the chilly winds – we’d stay longer. But the dark gray clouds were getting thicker, we decided to head back to the car. And well, let’s say that we were so blessed. Just as we took the car our from the parking area – it rained so hard. And, my son fell asleep. Double lucky!

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