Autumn is here!

Grand Canal Dock

Our autumn view from Grand Canal Dock

In most of my posts – whether through this blog or through ExpatPost, I always seem to complain about the Irish weather. Well, it is HARD not to – especially if the weather is too unpredictable and wet. And with the cold autumn winds finally here, you may think that I detest it here even more.
Not entirely. Apart from the fact I love autumn/winter fashion (so long as it won’t take ages to dress up my little one to go out) or the winds not too strong as if to blow me away – I love seeing the seemingly painted canvass of the horizon. Vibrant hues of orange and purple seems to span across the skyline. And waking up with this captivating view (no matter how lethargic I feel every-single-winter-morning) is enough to take my breath away. In fact, my husband and I have probably captured a hundred photos of our “balcony view”. Most especially if we saw the colors more vibrant than the other day’s photo!

Grand Canal Dock
My little one enjoying his “night out”.

I admit I have taken a lot better-looking autumn horizon than this. But this photo was taken when we went out to have dinner with friends – so I felt this was a lot “better”. Better that I was not limited to the “view from my balcony window”. And if you have been following my blog for a while now, it is very likely you saw what my view looked like. Nothing much, right?
So I’ll reserve photos like that when I am staying in and working from home. Maybe only for ramble-related posts, which I am hoping won’t fill up this blog. Autumn is definitely here. It is time to layer up the clothing, ditch the cold (boring) salads for soups, and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate while walking outdoors!

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