About Sarah Audal


Hi, I am Sarah! I am a lot of things all rolled into one…a full-time IT Consultant, a freelance writer, and a food enthusiast.

My journey began in 2009 when I decided to leave my home country to seek better work opportunities abroad. The experience opened my eyes to other nation’s culture, made my mouth crave to try various cuisines, and definitely kick started the traveling bug in me. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to relocate thrice since then and on the side, be able to do a few pleasure-related trips to other countries as well. But regardless if it’s for work or pleasure, food sampling is definitely included in my must-do activities when traveling.

I am working full-time as an IT Consultant but have a strong passion for writing – especially when it comes to food and traveling. Apart from freelancing through Upwork, I am also a regular contributor to a travel website called ExpatPost and a parenting/lifestyle blog called Mumee Studio (formerly MsAurora).

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