Black Friday Weekend in Dublin

Coffee Angel

Some personal time-off during the Black Friday weekend in Dublin..

Last weekend was one of the days when I get to have a little bit more time for myself. I booked an appointment to go to a hair salon (Toni and Guy) at Clarendon Street to get a haircut and highlights done. I still did the groceries in the morning but made sure to go through the aisles I need to be and don’t spend a lot more time checking out the specials.
After the groceries, I went home quickly to grab some lunch and placed the groceries where it should be. And because my son wasn’t home (went to a play area with my husband), I finished everything quickly, too. I even had spare time to watch TV and prepare the vegetables to cook later in the evening!

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Review: Ely Wine Bar (CHQ)

ely wine bar

A great catch up session with a friend at Ely Wine Bar!

These days, I rarely go out for dinner. Apart from minding my son most evenings, most of the people I know are also busy on weekday nights. And I think it is also usual for families with little kids to have a preference to do socials on weekends at lunch time, too.
I blogged about a friend who came a couple of months ago to visit – and it eventually led to one of the few instances I was able to go out for dinner. Weeks before she arrived (even with the Visa issues around), she told me she wanted to go out for dinner just like the old days when I was still living in Singapore. I thought it was a great chance to go out without the little one for a change! Continue reading “Review: Ely Wine Bar (CHQ)” »

Winter activity for toddlers: Rugbytots!


Have you heard of Rugbytots?

Since relocating to Dublin, I’ve realized my son’s childhood will not be the same as mine. For one, as parents, it is an additional task for us to find a way so he mingles with other kids. It is not the same as simply “dropping by the neighbors” or visiting aunts/uncles to meet up with cousins.
He is not enrolled in a daycare as well. We have a nanny coming in to take care of him while I work during the day. So if you think about it, he is only interacting with kids his age if he bumps into them while outdoors during summer.

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Gallery viewing at the CHQ Building

CHQ Building

This is what happens when you bring a toddler inside the CHQ Building

One of the things I “learned” after relocating to Dublin in 2012 is to make the most of every opportunity to go outdoors. Not really for myself but for my rapidly growing toddler. I think of myself as mostly an introvert anyway. So in most days, I am happy spending the day indoors. However, I notice the more my son grows, the more he “craves” for outdoor activities or the chance to play outside.
It wouldn’t have been an issue if the weather is ALWAYS nice. But now that autumn is here, it is a little bit more tricky to strike the right balance to let him enjoy outdoors and prevent him from getting sick at the same time. I do allow him to have a quick walk outdoors so long as it’s not raining or too windy – to catch some fresh air!
Before 2016 ends, I have to use a couple of annual leave days before 2017 arrives. So I planned to take a day leave starting October until December to use the days sporadically. And on those days, I’ll get the chance to enjoy (really?!) some time with my son, too!
On the first day I took the time off, it was surprisingly sunny. Not warm, though. But at least, there was no hint of gray clouds around. So I took my son for a quick walk outdoors. I thought it was a good chance to have a change of scenery for myself as I’ve been working from home, too.
On that day, I decided to take him to CHQ – same venue as the recently concluded Oktoberfest. I ditched the Luas and walked to get there to enjoy some breath of fresh air. I think my son also liked the scenery as he was so excited pointing at cars on our way there.
When we got there, I let him run a bit outside the CHQ Terrace. We arrived at the area around 2 PM. Unexpectedly, it was STILL slightly busy. There were some heading to grab a quick lunch while others on their way back to work.
After a few more minutes, I decided to take him inside the CHQ building – it was a little bit cold. At that moment, the dining area was still slightly filled with people. I’d probably consider going here at a later time to make sure most have finished their lunches and on their way back to work.
After we got inside, my son hurried to a small art gallery exhibit located at the back of the CHQ building. I didn’t have the time to check which exhibit it was for – I was too preoccupied running after the little fella! Luckily, there was nobody around when he stormed inside – we had the entire room for ourselves!

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We didn’t spend much time inside but it was a good chance for me to catch my breath. I think my son liked the photos on display, too. He was too busy checking everything out!